Carlos Berzosa

Carlos Berzosa - Speakers TEDxZaragoza 2013Carlos Berzosa was born in Madrid on November 20th, 1945. He is a Professor of Applied Economics at the Complutense University. He has served both as Dean for 14 years (from 1984 to 1998) and Rector (from 2003 to 2011) of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences.

He considers José Luis Sampedro his mentor and has worked to update two of his books “Conciencia del subdesarrollo” and “La inflación (al alcance de los ministros)”. He has also written the Prologue and a selection of articles for one of his book: “Humanist Economics”.

This positions him within the heterodox economics and at odds with the neoliberal development model or the dominant economic theory. He is the author of several books and articles where his swimming against the tide position can be fully appreciated.

Lately, he declared his outrage at the economists incompetence in their decision-making capacity and their suggested ways for solving the current economic crisis. He feels indignant at all the social costs that are being generated by the actions of some economists who are accomplices of certain power structures where elites can evade taxation and hide in tax havens.