Carro de combate

Carro de combate - Speakers TEDxZaragoza 2013Carro de Combate is a journalism project on the origin of products and working conditions in which they are manufactured to inform on slave labor and other negative consequences in their different phases of production. The project is led by Nazareth Castro and Laura Villadiego who have just published their first book “Bitter Sweetness” where they analyze the sugar-cane production chain.

Laura Villadiego - Speakers TEDxZaragoza 2013

Laura Villadiego as a degree in Journalism and Political Science. After having studied in Paris and having worked in Spain and Brussels, she moved to Cambodia where she spent two and half years working for various mass media, namely Efe, El Público and Foreign Policy.

She now lives in Thailand where covers the Southeast Asian region as correspondent for Spanish and international media.




Nazaret Castro - Speakers TEDxZaragoza 2013
Nazaret Castro studied Journalism in Madrid and worked in media such as The Key magazine. In 2008 she decided to cross the pond and São Paulo was her chosen destination.

She has been living in Buenos Aires since 2012, where she follows a postgraduate degree in Social Economics.

She was a correspondent for The Public and collaborated with Le Monde Diplomatique and The World.