Observatorio Crítico de la Energía

El Observatorio Crítico de la energía - Speakers TEDxZaragoza 2013El Observatorio Crítico de la Energía (OCE) (The Energy Critical Observatory) was founded in early 2007 by a group of young engineers and scientists who, united around a common analysis of the problems of society, decided to start a public activity aimed at the transformation and regeneration of the democratic system. The principles on which this activity is organized are rooted in a critique of ecological and economic unsustainability of our society and the degradation of our democratic culture. Conceived as a progressive and essentially critical organization, the OCE is a forum for discussion and analysis. It tries to generate a rigorous and informed discourse to address these issues from a position that combines the solvency of the scientific method with the political and social awareness.

Marta Victoria - Speakers TEDxZaragoza 2013


Marta Victoria is an aeronautical engineer and is currently doing her PhD in the field of photovoltaic solar energy. She is very interested in the relationship between access to energy and sustainable development, as well as the role of women in this equation. One of the founders of the Energy Critical Observatory, she is passionate about renewable energies and believes they can be an engine of change for a new social and energy model.

Her favourite TED talks:


Cristóbal Gallego - Speakers TEDxZaragoza 2013

Cristóbal José Gallego Castillo teaches at the School of Aerospace Engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), where he also does research in wind power.

He is one of the founders of the Energy Critical Observatory and creator of the web portal www.observaelmercadoelectrico.net, a tool that tries to bring the obscure world of the electricity market under closer citizen scrutiny.